About Electric Solutions LLC

Electric Solutions focus is the support of large transportation and material handling fleets including air transportation ground support. The company was started in 2006 as an offshoot of our sister company that has been serving that community along with smaller fleets and individual consumers since 1970.

The needs of the larger fleets are vastly different than most consumers of electrical automotive parts as they place unusually high demands on the products and services we provide.  These fleets require a high level of support and product development to provide efficient reliable support to their internal and external customers and Electric Solutions was birthed to address those needs.
With Electrical system failures being near or at the top of the "challenges" list for most fleet managers, we supply products designed to provide reliable service in extreme wear and tear applications. We further support those products with the expertise in design, training, logistics and data tracking. 

Using this model, we work on related and unrelated aspects of fleet operations ie. rebuilding of pumps, designing or making improvements to hydraulic systems and performing or training PMI processes just to name a few.

With our vast experience and know-how, we are prepared to face todays toughest challenges as well as the emerging challenges of changing technology.